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My name is Sadie, welcome to my blog! I’m a recent college graduate from Massachusetts trying NYC on for size, and taking every opportunity that presents itself to explore new places. For as long as I can remember my life has revolved around the anticipation of travel; browsing travel guides, reading restaurant reviews, drooling over other people’s photos… I covet adventures beyond my means, and dream of places more often than people or things. There’s nothing I like better than stepping off of an airplane someplace new. I’m constantly saving and planning for a trip, and yet looking back, my list of places visited seems so small. It’s this attitude that keeps me up at night trying to figure out where to go next.

I hope that my meticulous planning in preparation for the trips I take can at least be of some help to you in laying out your own expedition. If nothing else, I hope you’ll find humor in my travel mistakes! Perhaps after reading my blog you’ll know to check road conditions before driving along the Steingrímsfjar∂arhei∂i road in Iceland’s Westfjords, or you’ll set a limit on how much you want to spend on drinks before hitting the town in New Orleans. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Travels!

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20 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. laineyloveslife says:

    Hi Sadie! Youre feet must be happy having traveled to a lot of places. Will read your blog and ask questions when I’m ready to travel. Perhaps after popping my baby 😘
    May you have many more wonderful places to see! Good luck on your adventure. ❤︎ | LaineyLovesLife


  2. MyPositiveGarden says:

    Hang on to that attitude and spunk that keeps your dreams alive. They will become reality as long as you don’t lose who you are along the way. Love your blog and your intro. Thanks for sharing!


  3. thelindseyoneill says:

    “I dream of places more often than people or things.” This really resonates with me, Sadie. That feeling of wonder and enchantment that exists alongside the dream of a new place is truly magical and mysterious.


  4. Rhonda Sittig says:

    Fun to find you blog– I couldn’t agree with you more about the marvels of traveling– I always say I don’t care to be rich to have a bigger house or a fancier car– but I would love to be able to travel anywhere at the drop of a hat! Looking forward to your future travels– You’re young– so there’s lots ahead!!

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  5. openhearttravel says:

    i can relate 100% to that feeling. In the days of walkmans, which you were allowed to play during aircraft take off, I had a special playlist for each trip. The most exhilarating one was listening to this old band; Credence Clearwater Revival’s song Fortunate Son during takeoff. Wonderful memories! I hope your own life is blessed with many, many heart opening travels.

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